Forest Craft & Play uses the principles of Forest School and Montessori, our crafting tent is a beautiful calm space for the wiggliest of bottoms. In the winter you will find us at artisan Christmas fairs, play groups, and more. In the summer find us at Castle Howard and festivals. 

If you would like to find out more and book us for an event, please contact Karen Griggs email:  You just give us a space. We make it incredibly beautiful and give your guests or customers a wonderful experience.

Families craft on our low tables while sitting on sheepskins. All crafting is with natural materials and vintage haberdashery. We find the best eco- friendly ways to craft with nature. We buy vintage buttons and do our best to avoid new plastic. We craft with large chunky wooden peg dolls, so that you have a toy to take away, for imaginative play. We make puppets on real sticks and pirate hats!

Children use real tools and pritt stick glue. Metal scissors and an normal embroidery needles. No plastic. We teach them how to use tools properly and safely. They use templates and learn how to work with them, through creative play.