At Forest Craft & Play we love to help children explore their creative side and enjoy imaginative play with a toy or activity bag, they have made themselves.

We also love our planet.  Our products have minimal packaging, just cardboard boxes and paper bags. Less waste and  less for landfill. 
Each kit, box & activity bag has everything you need inside. Even a recyclable pritt stick (if required) and we have a "Make with Us" You tube channel. Because crafting at the kitchen table should be stress free for adults and something to keep little ones happy while you make tea or do the million other chores that pile up!
Our founder Karen Griggs, is a former mental health nurse. She is passionate about nourishing & restoring well-being in children & adults. Our products & events are designed to a beautiful project for beginners and young crafters just finding their feet. She uses, scent, colour and texture with easy to follow instructions so that all abilities can complete a project with success,
something that gives them pride and hours of imaginative play.